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 Continuous Valued 1D CA

By Shruti Parihar

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Continuous Valued 1D CA

Source Code


 This is an applet that demonstrates Continuous valued 1D Cellular Automata. It implements the following generic rule with 4 input parameters, values of which are between 0 and 1. Should you enter values larger than 1.0, they will be truncated to the fractional part.

  New C = mul * ((LeftWt * L + C + RightWt * R) / (LeftWt + RightWt + 1)) + Inc

Using the Applet

 The applet starts with Left weight 0.89, Right Weight 1.0, Increment 0.045 and Multiplier 1.0. You can change the parameters with the parameter window. It will pop up when you click the "Parameters" button. To record your values, click "Set". The "Random Rule" button will randomize the parameter values, which can seen or modified through the "Parameters" dialog box.

 The other buttons are pretty self- explanatory, "Toggle" will toggle the pattern display between the true value of cells and the difference of cell and neighborhood average. "Randomize" will start the first row with random float values, and "Start" will start with a seed.





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