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 1-D Turing Machine

By Min Yang


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1-D TM Applet


Source Code


This 1-D Turing Machine applet uses time-space display to show you the outputs of running the TM rules clearly. You can choose rule from 2-state, 3-state, 4-state, 5-state Busy Beaver rules and other class 3, class 4 rules from Wolfram's book (page 80, 81).

The cell is blank when its status is "0" and turns to gray when its becomes "1". The clockhand stays in the cell which tape head locates in. It also represents the state number by turning clockwise.

This is my alpha version 1-D turing machine. It can only run some simple busy beaver rules (you may check Wolfram's Busy Beaver Page). I didn't finish zoom-in, zoom-out function and rule display panel.





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