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 Reversible 1D CA Applet Page

Kwanghyun Paek

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Here you can download the source code

  • You can type in different rules and hit Start or "Enter Key"
  • Wolfram's numbering scheme is used
  • Three types of seed are available: Random, Single, and Custom
  • When using Custom seed, you can put two lines of seed that might be useful for reversible CAs
  • For example, "100110" for top line, and "10001001010" for bottom one. 1 represents black cell, 0 is white
  • If you don't want to use two lines of seed, just use the bottom one leaving the top one blank
  • Checking reversible check box switches the rule reversible.
  • Click Go Reverse, and the rule runs backward. (If it is reversible)
  • The slide bar changes the delay(speed) of updating
  • Step runs the CA step by step
  • By using Jump, you can directly jump to a certain step of the CA, simply type a number like 327463 or -625341 and hit "Enter Key"

  • Parameters you can hand over to the Applet from html
    • delay (any number), cellsize (any number), seedtype (Single, Random, Custon), rule (0-255)





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