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 Search for 1D CAs

By Harry Fu

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 Download CAMorph v1.0 / Sun JDK/JRE v1.4.1

Status Panel

Run Status

 Running or paused status.

View Status

 All Views / Focused View

CA Type Status

 Discrete Valued CA / Continuous Valued CA

Cycle Status

 Keeping track of CA cycle.

Control Panel


Reseed Button

 Reseed new random rules for 9 CA views.

II / > Button

 Pause / Play

Rule Input Box

 Discrete CA: Enter Integer number (e.g. 89) or Continuous CA: Inc/LW/RW (e.g. 0.005/1/1.001)

Random Rule Button

 Randomize the rules.

All Views Button

 Set action for all CA views.

Color Menu

 Color options for all CA views. Rainbow / HSB / Grayscale / Matrix / Candy Color

States Menu

 Number of states between 2 - 16 for discrete CA, and Continuous CA.

Radius Menu

 Number of radius between 1 - 3 for neighboring cells.

Speed Slider

 Adjust CA animation speed.

Seed Menu

 One Cell* / Random Cells* / Linear Cells / Sine Wave Cells : Diffusion : Wave Equation

Mouse Click Controls


Left Click Once

 Get focus for one particular CA view.

Right Click Once

 Mutate rule bit randomly for selected Discrete CA and mutate Inc for Continuous CA view.

Left Double Click

 Copy-mutate one CA view to other 8 CA views.

Additional Notes

Please download JDK/JRE v1.4.1 or higher for better applet performance.

Discrete CA: Use pages 55, 56 from A New Kind of Science for rule reference. (*Only available for Discrete Valued CA)

Continuous CA: Use pages 155 168, 243 to experiment different CA rules. Continuous CA use Rule: NewC = [(Left  Weight * L + C + Right Weight * R) / 3 + Inc] MOD 1

Tips for Wave Equation Pattern:

  • Select Continuous CA from States Menu.

  • Select Seed Menu for Diffusion. (This will smooth out the CA pattern)

  • Select Seed Menu for Wave Equation. (For Sine Wave Pattern, select Sine Wave Cells, then select Wave Equation again)

  • Change color options to see different color patterns.






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