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 Stock Market Applet

by Bao-Hoi Nguyen


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This page contains a 1D CA representation of the stock market. The randomness found in the stock market can be duplicated from a 1D CA. As one can see, the similarity of the stock market prices (randomly increasing and decreasing) and the panel on the right shows the correlation between the two. It's important to note that you can not predict the stock market with CAs. As a matter of fact, one of the basic prinicples of CAs is that you cannot predict it and that you have to let it run indefinitely (or as long as you need/want). It's just interesting that one can recreate the same randomness found in the stock market with CAs.


The panel on the left is a regular 1D CA. The panel on the right is created by subtracting the total number of black cells (sellers) with the total number of white cells (buyers).




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